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The Future is African & Female! Give for HER - Juliet

My Story of Inspiration

“In Junior High I was one of the top four students in my class. Interestingly enough, all four students were girls and together we were the best of friends. All teachers liked us a lot. However our colleagues started disliking us because of our success. The boys in our class started spreading false rumors about us. They said we were having affairs with our teachers and that was why the teachers gave us preferential treatment. But that was a lie. How is it possible that all four girls had affairs with the same teachers including the female teachers we had? Nevertheless, as a group of smart and beautiful girls we promised to stick together and never give up or fall victim to their rumors until we completed Junior High with the optimum grades.

However, when I entered Senior High I faced my second challenge and this challenge has followed me til today. The pyramid that had girls on top in junior high, had turned upside down. I started noticing that many girls were shy and did not endeavor to be the best. But they left the competition to the boys to fight for. I refused to be in that category so I decided to work even harder in order to be selected as a member of the prestigious Science and Math team. This was a group recognized as having the most intelligent students who represented the school in science and math competitions. At my school, our team only had male members. But when the list came out for the next batch of students to join the team, I was one of them. I was the first female. Ever since I joined, it empowered other girls from subsequent years to apply and make it into the team.

Nonetheless, I encountered the same problem in my engineering class when I started college. The boys were the only students asking questions and making attempts to answer the professor’s questions. They had a lot of zeal and passion, as if their life depended on it. It was to the point that I gave up trying to match them. I was scared. I started to believe that boys were just more intelligent. For two years I lived under this pyramid until I heard of Yielding Accomplished African Women (YAA W). Yaa W pushed me to find myself again. This program has empowered me to be more than best. It has taught me how to live in a male dominated world. I can now say, I am climbing my way back to the top of the pyramid.” - Juliet Abdul-Aziz


At Yielding Accomplished African Women, we operate in the vision that, "No African woman should be denied the opportunity to learn and soar. " Statistically women make up half of the world's working-age population. Our economies would suffer if half of its working-age population are not able to bring out their full potentials.

In just 2 years, we have trained 2,508 young African women. Our goal is to reach 30,000 women by 2030.

Join us today to change make this target a reality! Give today and give here. Also, you can join the campaign and get more people to share in the vision following the below directions:

  • Give for HER - Go to our website and donate any amount to be a friend of Yaa W.

  • Spread the word - Make the most of your investment in African women by participating in our campaign and reporting using our models. Here is the document that contains all you need to be a part of the campaign

  • Send us a video showing why you support our organization's mission and encourage others to join in. The video can be uploaded here.

  • Sponsor a Girl - No African woman should be denied the opportunity to learn and elevate herself here. Team up with us to sponsor a girl for a year and give her $250 so she can fulfill her dreams. You have the option to spread this by donating $20 monthly.

All of the donations go toward supporting the next set of African women in the technology and finance talent accelerator at Yield Accomplished African Women. All donations are tax deductible!

What will my donation be used for??

Your donation will go far in 2021 to:

  • Build the first fully integrated online learning and recruitment platform just for women

  • Expand our Professional STEM sorority chapter into another 20 universities.

  • Train and certify 10k women through our world-class conferences and talent accelerators.

  • Reach 6 more countries and 20 more markets within Africa

  • Employ continent-wide staff to propel our work.

  • Please let us know if you have additional questions or if additional information is needed.


Thank you for your great support and "together, let's create the lasting impression"

The Future is African & Female! Invest in the Future Today!!

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