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Accelerating the African Woman- A YaaW Initiative (Part 2)

# We Promised and Have Delivered

We tickled your senses about OGOF 21 last week and this week, we are here to give you more fillers. Our Girls Our Future (OGOF) program is such a big deal to us as it’s been our target to train as many girls as possible (#nogirlsshouldbeleftbehind). It pleases us that we had over 70 enthused ladies from all walks of life join in the quest to attain knowledge in the fields of tech and finance.

To ensure our ladies get the very best of everything we have to offer, we went all in to bring ingenious and dexterous speakers for our various sessions. Each of the 24 speakers were embodiments of impact on the participants. The sessions consisted of the Welcome Week, Community Events Week, Women Empowerment Week, First Look Program and Professional Development Week.

With the path created by the previous OGOF participants over the years, it has been proven that the prestigious program is worth its cause. It therefore came as no surprise when we received an influx of social media recognitions during the program.

# Experience they say is the best teacher

In Africa, we hold in high esteem our elders or people who have gone ahead of us in the world. There is an African proverb that says, “The youth can walk faster but the elder knows the way.” In order to harness the guidance of accomplished people in their career fields, Yielding Accomplished African Women paved a way for the ladies to undergo mentorship sessions with the said people. Participants earned valuable soft skills through the mentorship sessions.

# Surprises Anyone?

Just graduating from the OGOF program in itself is an award and few things come close to this overwhelming feeling of joy. If you’ve ever had a multiple-layered cake with an explosive combination of different flavors and taste, you will understand when I say the ladies had great and variety of surprises awaiting them as they completed the program.

Google, yes you read right, awarded scholarships to 20 meritorious ladies enrolled in the technology track to partake in courses. Our finance ladies were not left out in the fun. All the ladies enrolled in the finance track were awarded the FMVA Scholarship to further their knowledge and dominate the field of finance. Kudos to all the awarded ladies: You are well deserving of this enviable opportunity and we wish you the very best in your newly found passion.

Nope, that’s not all! The surprises get even bigger and better from here. The ladies were offered a free one-month access to Google Cloud Skills Training, exciting right? CYST (a software innovation company with the belief in challenging conventions) did not want to be left behind in the packages. The multi-million-dollar fintech startup in partnership with YaaW is launching a 6-month fellowship for front and backend developers, UX/UI designers as well as ML engineers and the ladies have been called upon to be part of this fellowship.

With the skills acquired from the program, 3 of our tech ladies bagged internships with In YaaW, excellence is our trademark so we couldn’t have ended the program without giving ladies who were exceptional in their academics and leadership skills their due laurels.

# Opportunity Opportunity!!

So, this is your cue to join our wonderful community of like-minded accomplished women. Our arms are long and wide enough to take you in.

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