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At Black Sisters in STEM (Black SiS) we are training  the next Fortune 500 CEOs, innovators and world class leaders. Hear more from a few of our fellows.


Hiring Outcomes

After completing our in-person training boot camp, we then match our students to experiential learning experiences in the form of jobs, internships, real-time projects, and externships. Our results speak for itself: ​​


Have received internship/full time jobs in premier finance or technology firms


of our fellows have received 2 or more offers 6 months after the program


Have referred someone to join our community


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Ophelia Boamah Ampomah

Software Engineer at Vodafone Ghana

Black Sisters in STEM  means to me: a support system, a place of growth, endless opportunities and inspiration to be and to do more.  I applied to Yaa W. because, in my bid to transition into tech from a liberal arts background, I knew I had to go through an institution and I saw a Black SiS as just what I needed. 


Through Black SiS I’ve formed long-lasting friendships and built connections with other empowered ladies and amazing facilitators. I’ve been connected with great mentors and equipped with the relevant skills to standout wherever I might find myself. Now, I’m more than ready to step into the world of Technology and thrive! 


Odette Akwaboah

Transaction Services Analyst at Ernst & Young

To me, Black Sisters in STEM means a home.  A place of comfort, empowerment, peace and room for achieving future goals through education, training and building strong self-esteem. Through Yaa W., I received two internship offers in just 1 week after the program. Black SiS has inspired me to challenge myself to try something new and take up greater opportunities in my career in finance.

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Amma Owusu Addo

Financial Analyst at Stanbic Bank

To me Black Sisters in STEM is a social enterprise that teaches and helps young women understand what it means to be a woman of color in today’s global business environment and how to rise above the stereotypes and challenges we may face by equipping us with the necessary skill set and knowledge to ensure professional and personal success. Black SiS not only met my expectations but gave me friends, taught me the relevance of networking, and most importantly helped improve my self-confidence.

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Elizabeth Obisesan

Software Engineer at Bank of America

Black Sisters in STEM means to me a family of talented minds and great leaders making an impact in the world around us. It means great experiences of learning from each other, coaching, collaboration and mentorship. I applied to this program because I realized I had the wrong idea of what the real world what like transitioning from school to a career and was excited about an opportunity for young girls like myself to be equipped for the industry.

Black SiS has given me valuable experiences and the essential professional skills to excel as a female in the male-dominated industry of technology. I have been inspired to become a confident and visionary leader. Being shaped to become a global leader, I have been transformed as an individual and empowered to take initiative, tap into the qualities that make me exceptional and create a change in the African continent and beyond.

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Mmabila Deborah Azika

Emerging Public Leaders Fellow

To me, Black Sisters in STEM is an inspiration and a home for every young woman who is ready to learn how to stand out and succeed in the field of finance and technology.I applied to Yaa W with a great expectation to acquire practical technical skills in finance. I am glad to say I have gained strong foundation in these skills and I hope to build upon them.

Through Black SiS, I have built self-confidence and I am inspired to go beyond my comfort zone. I am reminded every day that I have got more than I see and I am capable of making a change wherever I find myself.



Priscilla Annag-Akwetey

Software Engineer at Makedu Consult

Black Sisters in STEM was the answer to the several puzzling questions I always asked about my career life after school, in one big package. Black SiS was the turning point of my life, that was where I rediscovered myself and this set me poised for action in pursuit of my dream, which is in alignment with their vision.

It will be the torchbearer I will always look up to and as a matter of fact do everything within my means to ensure that it expands its tentacles to impart every single young lady’s life. Black SiS has given me another family with a common goal.

Through Black SiS I can pretty much say that I have become a refined person who just doesn’t have the required skill sets needed in the corporate world, but has also developed a sentient attitude for human needs. Thank You Black SiS!

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