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Can you feel the change in the air? I definitely smell beautifully wrapped presents. As the holidays roll in, the streets flood with shoppers intent on buying the best gifts, the Internet is filled with promos and ads for freebies while shops are hosting massive sales. The primary inspiration behind this desire to give the best gifts is anyone's guess.

Sometimes the motivation behind a person's actions can be obvious to others. For instance, a hardworking CEO may be driven by;

  • Desire for money

  • Success

  • Recognition

  • Job-satisfaction.

When it comes to giving, the motivation is often left to the imagination. A poll we took on the motivation behind giving revealed that people do have different reasons for giving, a few of them include;

Religious beliefs:

Every religion promotes giving as a way to show selflessness and love to fellow humans and this has become the only reason why most people give.

Social connections:

Giving helps strengthen our relationships both personal and professional, such that people share information with colleagues to build strong networks and give gifts to loved ones as evidence of affection.

Past experiences:

Other people are motivated to give by the hunger to stop history from repeating itself, an example is a man who has lost a daughter to leukemia donating his earnings to a leukemia foundation.

The Euphoric feeling:

Just like an addict gets a sense of fulfillment from a fix, many people get a great sense of fulfillment from giving and receiving gratitude and this becomes a habit, a darn good one if I do say so myself.

Finding what inspires you to give encourages you to give and this in turn inspires others to give too, I bet you didn’t think of that.

At Yielding Accomplished African Women, we are committed to giving back. To us, giving is a calling, a privilege and an opportunity to contribute to the beauty that is life. That is why our vision and mission is to create a space where African Women can thrive and grow, lending a helping hand to each other whenever and wherever it is needed. This movement has been contributing to creating inspired women who are not afraid to pursue their dreams, aiming beyond the skies.

As you make plans to travel, visit and celebrate the gift of the season, remember to give back. A helping hand may be the answer to the prayer of someone who does not have the capacity to acquire what you give.

From donations last year, we launched our online career community in March boasting of 1.5k women from 12 countries, trained more than 1150+ women in 12 African countries and certified 750+ young African women through our 12-week intensive accelerator with 90% job placement rate.

We are on a mission to train 5,000 African college women and this is where You come in. Partner with us and Be A Part of the 500 who want to see this come true.

The Revolution is Now: FundHer

Authors: Euna Onyia, MD

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