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How To Have Access To Top Companies Recruiters.

As a black college woman, have you always wondered how you can gain access to recruiters from fortune 500 companies?

During Black History Month, Yielding Accomplished African Women is hosting its annual “Launch Your Career Conference” on February 24-25, 2022. This is an immersive 2 day virtual conference to inspire, upskill and empower you for employability into finance and technology industries. This conference will serve as a springboard to your career success. It combines virtual learning with masterclasses led by experts, women empowerment speaker series, data science hackathon and a career fair.

The Launch Your Career Conference will empower you to pursue your dreams in STEM, develop your technical capabilities and enhance your professional acumen. You will join thousands of Black college women from around the world to experience unique opportunities for networking, professional development and personal growth. This conference will be held live (virtually).

What You Will Gain:

  1. Access hidden opportunities that will define and accelerate your career with Fortune 500 Companies like Goldman Sachs, Meta, Amazon, Google, etc.

  2. Practical hands-on professional development training by industry experts

  3. Build meaningful lifelong relationships that go beyond transactions with thousands of other Black college women in STEM across the diaspora

  4. Learn best practices that will help you acquire an internship or full-time job

  5. Gain a professional support system and global sisterhood to propel your dreams

This is your chance to revolutionize your career and gain access to top recruiters!

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