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How To Have The Best of 2022.

The euphoria of the new year has worn off by now, many of us have settled into 2022. After all, a new year represents new opportunities and new chances to do what we couldn’t do before. It’s no wonder that we’re all excited about what the rest of 2022 has to offer. Before we go any further, however, let's have a quick recap of 2021.

2021 for Yielding Accomplished African Women (Yaa W. )started with a

We hosted a Goal Setting with Canva class. In this, participants re-organized their goals and skills using the free-to-use graphic design platform Canva. We also hosted masterclasses on topics ranging from personal growth to finance, relationship advice, spirituality, and technology. In addition, we launched our online academy platform on Mighty Networks, where various sisters and alumni connected and continue to connect, learn, and grow.

During the summer of 2021, we hosted the 2021 edition of our annual tech/finance accelerator program for Black and African women, dubbed “Our Girls, Our Future (OGOF)”. In addition to our previous finance, software engineering, and web development tracks, we added a new machine learning/data science track to ensure that our participants were receiving the relevant training to match the growth of the world. 2021’s OGOF was an amazing time as our participants made their mark with their hashtag, #teamdothemost. Yaa W.’s first Google scholars were chosen from the OGOF 2021 cohort, and several finance track students won FMVA scholarships from CFI. #teamdothemost was truly cut from the Yaa W. cloth and we couldn’t have been prouder of them. As our CEO, Diana Wilson, says, “I can’t as a leader be successful if my followers aren’t.” We’re pleased to say that Yaa W. women are out there, graduating from their various universities and thriving in their fields, going against the status quo to ensure that they leave a trail of impact and awesomeness behind in their quest for a revolutionized world.

2021 also saw us obtain a record number of awards, partnerships, and features that surprised us and encouraged us to keep working hard. What started as Diana Wilson winning the Female Innovator of the Year Award by Africa Tech quickly moved to a partnership with Google Cloud. In addition, we also hosted various renowned speakers, including Latanya Mapp Frett, the CEO of Global Fund for Women, and Simidele Adeagbo, the first-ever African Woman Olympian in Skeleton.

Part of what crowned our year, however, was the visibility and reach we obtained through various features on relevant media platforms such as Voice of America, Face2Face Africa, Citi TV, Dentaa Show, Ghana Web, and TheShadeRoom. That’s right! We’re growing and getting bigger and better. Surely, there are exciting times ahead!

And yes, our donor campaign couldn't have been a success without your immeasurable support in accelerating the growth of our impact on young African ladies. We want to say thank you again.

How was your year and what are you doing about the bad experiences and the failures? How are you going to push against all odds and live your best life? 2022 is yours to take and conquer but only if you have these keys: integrity, consistency, and value.

For Yielding Accomplished African Women, we have the best in store for our entire community and you can be assured that our content this year is going to be a springboard to success. Here’s to a panache of success never seen before.

Go out there and make an indelible mark that will force history not to ignore you.

If you’re reading this and are not a part of Yielding Accomplished Women, we would love for you to join us by clicking the link below. We can’t wait to welcome you.

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