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It's Our Birthday!

Yaa W. is West Africa’s first technology and finance talent accelerator. We aim at erecting and cultivating the largest community of African female developers and financial analysts who are passionate about using STEM to revolutionize Africa and beyond. We give these women the qualitative and quantitative skills required to succeed in the highly competitive, global STEM market, while also formulating a gender-specific professional toolkit.

Through partnerships with Fortune 500 businesses (Microsoft, IBM, Bank of America), startups and agencies we created a direct pipeline to economic opportunity. We teach professional development, full stack development, machine learning, mindfulness, and more. Visit our website to see our complete curriculum.


Why It’s Important:

  1. 15 to 20 million well-educated young people will enter into Africa’s labor force annually now through 2030

  2. Currently African women hold 66 percent of all jobs in the non-agricultural informal sector

  3. Excluding women from the professional workplace is costing sub-Saharan Africa on average $US95 billion a year since 2010

Our Impact:

  • Trained 800 youth, jobseekers, and entrepreneurs all over Africa (all women)

  • 90% of our fellows have received internships and fellowships at top technology or finance firms

  • 100% of our university graduates have received jobs at top technology or finance firms

  • Pioneered Africa's first machine learning conference for 100 young women. In partnership with Google and MTN, the Solving the Algorithm: Women in Machine Learning Conference will be held on December 5th-7th, 2019 in Accra, Ghana

  • Delivered 10,000+ hours of in-person and online training on full stack development, professional development and data science

  • Established a presence in 5 African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Mauritius

  • Launched the first ever professional STEM sorority university chapters in Africa

  • Partnered with 20+ technology/financial companies and startups in Africa and globally

  • Sponsored 500 young women to West Africa’s Largest Tech Summit

Thank you to all of our executive team members, sponsors, donors, corporate partners and supporters. Cheers to continuing the journey of “Revolutionizing the Face of Technology & Finance”. #yaawturns2

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1 Comment

Zapaayim Fadila
Zapaayim Fadila
Jan 20, 2020

I really missed this and I hope to participate in the next yaw workshop

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