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The Future is African & Female! Give for HER - Judith

My Story of Inspiration

" I was born into a family which believes in making the best of its best! I remember vividly how my dad will always remind me of the popular quote, "doubts and faith are the two states of mind - I should choose faith and believe in myself."

This served as a daily motivation to change my mind and reposition myself at the best of Judith Simons at any moment. I studied hard and always emerged the best student in my class from primary school until I graduated university as the Valedictorian for the Department of Finance from University of Cape Coast, Ghana. My academic excellence and personality earned me much admiration from my lecturers and colleagues. I knew from that very moment that God had not only given me the bright mind to be in my "corner" but to be the creator of impact and to create the spectacular moments of enormous benefits to my environment. However, the issue was how I was going to make this vision actualized. To be honest, I had no idea how to turn that dream into a reality or how to begin it.

The response to my prayer came in early 2020 when I got a newsletter from Yielding Accomplished African Women (YAA W). I remembered submitted an application to YAA. W in 2018 but never actually followed up. This time, after scanning the newsletter, I was more than convinced it was the right place I expected. I responded directly to the email indicating my interest in participating in this noble organization.

My acceptance into the organisation, the training for Our Girls Our Future 2020 plus my role of heading the alumnae board have been revelatory, divine and rewarding. YAA W has taught me a lot about being confident, proactive, determined, empowered, and mentored me on overall leadership and teamwork approaches in the best positive way.

Joining YAA W was my timely intervention! Going directly from university to one of the biggest global companies, I needed that targeted and professional coaching platform. Thanks to YAA W, I have been able to greatly improve my business acumen, my team spirit, my technical skills and have a brave and authentic voice to better manage the diversity of my environment. I have been challenged to always go the extra mile and I see this manifests daily at work.

I want to inspire the lady who reads this straight away that, don't be intimidated by what you don't know. This may be your greatest strength. You can be that great woman when you get up and take that bold step. Do it now and even if you are SCARED! With a little faith!!"- Judith Weabo Hooper Simons


At Yielding Accomplished African Women, we give young African women the opportunity to learn and soar high and higher. Helping African Women birth and nurture their dreams to become the BEST of YOU is why YAA W exists.

Help African Women like Judith to realize their potentials and to become BEST of themselves by donating today. You can also leverage your influence to change the lives of many young African women following the below:

  • Give for HER - Go to our website and donate any amount to be a friend of YAA W.

  • Spread the word - Make the most of your investment in African women by participating in our campaign and reporting using our models. Here is the document that contains all you need to be a part of the campaign

  • Send us a video showing why you support our organization's mission and encourage others to join in. The video can be uploaded here.

  • Sponsor a Girl - No African woman should be denied the opportunity to learn and elevate herself here. Team up with us to sponsor a girl for a year and give her $250 so she can fulfil her dreams. You have the option to spread this by donating $20 monthly.

All of the donations go toward supporting the next set of African women in the technology and finance talent accelerator at Yield Accomplished African Women. All donations are tax deductible!

What will my donation be used for??

Your donation will help us in 2021 to:

  • Build the first fully integrated online learning and recruitment platform just for women

  • Expand our Professional STEM sorority chapter into another 20 universities.

  • Train and certify 10k women through our world-class conferences and talent accelerators.

  • Reach 6 more countries and 20 more markets within Africa

  • Employ continent-wide staff to propel our work.


Please do not hesitate to reach us here on any additional questions or additional information required.

Thank you for your great support and always remember “With education and professional development, we create economic and social opportunities that change lives”

The Future is African & Female! Invest in the Future Today!!

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