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The Future is African & Female! Give for HER - Odette

My Story of Inspiration

“The prospect of occupying leadership positions and impacting lives in the process has always been my lifelong dream.''

I believed that setting the tone at the top and driving change through effective leadership was the best way to help people and encourage girls to aspire to be more.

This singular thought pushed me to aspire and achieve leadership roles such as Head Prefect in Archbishop Porter Girls Senior High School and Deputy Electoral Commissioner in University of Ghana Business School (UGBS).

Fast forward to my final year in University, I came across Yielding Accomplished African Women (Yaa W) through a friend at a time when authority began to mean less to me because of all the unfulfilled standards I had set for myself. She encouraged me to brave through the interview, go through the program, try unpacking my vision through Yaa W’s lens for a change; and I never regretted ever since.

At Yaa W, I found a second family, a higher depth of exposure for leadership, and confidence to believe that my efforts can contribute in a large way to a more powerful view of girls and women in society. That my quota mattered in the grand scheme of things and others as well, as long as you believe and work at achieving those dreams in the right manner.

The grueling training program reminded me of how indispensable teaming, hard work and determination are in any project or workplace scenario (ingredients to success) and after living by these standards, I was rewarded with multiple work offers at prestigious organizations after graduating” - Odette Nana Braso Akwaboah


The efforts of Yielding Accomplished African Women to build the largest ecosystem of developers and financial analysts will never stop! We believe in nurturing and building up women like Odette, who are the future!!

We want you to support us on this course by giving today. Alternatively, you can join the campaign and get more people to share in the vision following the below directions:

  • Give for HER - Go to our website and give any amount to be a friend of Yaa W.

  • Spread the word - Make the most of your investment in African women by participating in our campaign and reporting using our models. Here is the document that contains all you need to be a part of the campaign

  • Send us a video showing why you support our organization's mission and encourage others to join in. The video can be uploaded here.

  • Sponsor a Girl - No African woman should be denied the opportunity to learn and elevate herself here. Team up with us to sponsor a girl for a year and give her $250 so she can fulfill her dreams. You have the option to spread this by donating $20 monthly.

All of the donations go toward supporting the next set of African women in the technology and finance talent accelerator at Yield Accomplished African Women. All donations are tax deductible!

What will my donation be used for??

Your donation will help us in 2021 to:

  • Build the first fully integrated online learning and recruitment platform just for women

  • Expand our Professional STEM sorority chapter into another 20 universities.

  • Train and certify 10k women through our world-class conferences and talent accelerators.

  • Reach 6 more countries and 20 more markets within Africa

  • Employ continent-wide staff to propel our work.

  • Please let us know if you have additional questions or if additional information is needed.

Thank you for your great support and always remember “If development is not engendered, it is endangered.”

The Future is African & Female! Invest in the Future Today!!

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