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The Future is African & Female! Give for HER - Paulina

My Story of Inspiration

"I remember when I attended the Women In Machine Learning Conference organized by Yielding Accomplished African Women (YAA.W), I initially felt quite intimidated because my background was quite unconventional. Almost everyone around me was either working or schooling in the tech or finance fields and I was just coming from medical school. I was so glad when I met a fellow participant who was a clothing designer! Tech and finance is everywhere!

I am so glad for the diversity YAA.W created by bringing women from various backgrounds -as long as you could demonstrate the desire to learn, put in the effort and effectively completed the prerequisite and the in-house assignments. I have always made the effort to work with the intense curiosity I have for Information Technology (it's been from childhood) even though I am in medical school now. I have participated in various IT competitions and bootcamps. I yearn to work at the intersections of Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare.

Prior to meeting YAA.W, I was having a difficult time finding my feet. In fact, I had very little idea as to what Machine Learning was and applying to the conference was one of the best decisions I have ever made. YAA.W had been the springboard for my career and my path is now clearly carved out before me. Not only that, YAA.W taught me about confidence and leadership. Leadership is not about being at the front, leadership is your service, and the positive impact you make, even when no one is applauding. There were gifts and talents within me that I wasn't sure I had, now through YAA.W and the roles I am privileged to play in the organization, I see them being nurtured day by day.

I have become more conscious of how I behave and how I spend my time, making sure that it gets me closer to my goals, and it enables me to reach out and help a sister as I move. We pull one another along as we fulfill our mission. That's the YAA.W way. I want to say a big "Thank you" to everyone who has supported YAA.W's vision. You are changing lives in both tangible and imperceptible ways.

Now What? Now, We Move!" - Paulina Boadiwaa Mensah


At Yielding Accomplished African Women, we are committed to developing young African women holistically by providing them with professional tool-kits needed for them to succeed in the space of Technology and Finance such as technical training in finance and technology, entrepreneurial skills, personal branding and leadership development.

It's GIVING TUESDAY!! It is an opportunity for you to support us HERE to develop African talents like Paulina. Also, leverage your influence to change the lives of many young women in Africa following the below:

  • Give for HER - Go to our website and give any amount to be a friend of Yaa W.

  • Spread the word - Make the most of your investment in African women by participating in our campaign and reporting using our models. Here is the document that contains all you need to be a part of the campaign

  • Send us a video showing why you support our organization's mission and encourage others to join in. The video can be uploaded here.

  • Sponsor a Girl - No African woman should be denied the opportunity to learn and elevate herself here. Team up with us to sponsor a girl for a year and give her $250 so she can fulfill her dreams. You have the option to spread this by donating $20 monthly.

All of the donations go toward supporting the next set of African women in the technology and finance talent accelerator at Yield Accomplished African Women. All donations are tax deductible!

What will my donation be used for??

Your donation will help us in 2021 to:

  • Build the first fully integrated online learning and recruitment platform just for women

  • Expand our Professional STEM sorority chapter into another 20 universities.

  • Train and certify 10k women through our world-class conferences and talent accelerators.

  • Reach 6 more countries and 20 more markets within Africa

  • Employ continent-wide staff to propel our work.


Please do not hesitate to reach us here on any additional questions or additional information required.

Thank you for your great support and always remember “With education and professional development, we create economic and social opportunities that change lives”

The Future is African & Female! Invest in the Future Today!!

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