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The Three Most Helpful Innovations Made By Black Women In Tech - In My Opinion (by Ndane Ndazhaga)

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

The recognition given to black women in tech who have made significant changes in the tech industry is relatively low. The works done by women are not given significant attention. In view of this, I would like to highlight some helpful innovations made by Black women in tech.

A 26-year-old Ivorian woman invented a digital verification system that helps to detect fraud. It is no longer news that the field of cybersecurity is on the rise. This innovation helps check the activities of hackers. The digital verification system was built using artificial intelligence that employs facial recognition. The user will be asked to flip the camera. The user's image will then be captured and verified, matching it with the identity card and photo of the user already in the database. Charlotte is the CEO of BECE, a software company based in Ghana. She led her team to win a $33 000 award from the Royal Academy of Engineering's Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2020. She is recognized as the first female to win this award.

Alice came up with the idea of room heaters. She designed a natural gas fuel. This idea has evolved to thermostats and the presence of air furnace in our homes today. In December 1919, her design earned a patent.

Many women like to look good. Today, the hairbrush is an invaluable possession of many women. This little yet significant product was invented by Lyda. Although the hairbrush has evolved to what we have available today, we have Lyda Newman to thank for this remarkable invention.

Still, wondering if you can make a difference? Still afraid to take the bold step? Relax and take a deep breath. There is no harm in trying. Perhaps, the next innovation will come from you and you will be celebrated in History. Your name will be written in the annals of our time.

Yielding Accomplished African Women…

Making History

Making Herstory



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