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"Social regeneration is about ensuring that the places where people live, now and in the future, create new opportunities, promote wellbeing and reduce inequalities so that people have better. lives, in stronger communities, and achieve their potential."


Consist of our career booster webinar series, ICT/finance related workshops and women empowerment events/campaigns. We have successfully implemented events + online programs to service over 500 young women in Africa. Our Career Booster Series focuses on providing key insights, tips and tricks concerning recruitment and employment at top financial and technology firms which include: Mckinsey, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Microsoft and many more. Our Regeneration Programs include, our Connect + Code event in collaboration with MEST Africa. We were able to host over 30 technologists and provide a space for them to share experiences, gain key insights from top entrepreneurs and enhance their respective enterprises through a design thinking module.
Additionally, we held our first digital storytelling campaign, #YaaSheWill, that focused on inspiring women and men to recover, reimagine, and replace
the set narratives and scope of a woman’s capabilities. This campaign was a direct rebuttal to histories of injustice and the present-day inequity. 

Virtual Challenges

In efforts to create an impact and also promote the core values of YAAW, we have created

two seperate challenges aimed at expanding our networks and impacting lives.

Sign up today for any of these events (challenges) and #StayhomewithYaaw

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growing network of associates while you equip your self with the necessary toolkit

The Yaa W. Think for Tomorrow Challenge presents you with an opportunity to make a positive global impact in response to COVID 19. We have created two challenges: 1. The Finance Challenge and 2. The Technology-based Challenge.


For each track (finance and tech), two winners will be selected

  • 1st Winner: $300 Cash Prize, 6 months mentorship, 3 mock interviews valid for a year

  • 2nd Winner: $200 Cash Prize, 3 months mentorship, 2 mock interviews valid for a year

Finance Track Challenge - 500 points total
PART 1: The Investment Portfolio Challenge
PART 2: The Cashless Economy challenge


Tech Track Challenge - 500 points total
PART 1: The App Challenge
PART 2: Crack the Code (you will be required to upload images of your output)



  1. This Challenge is only open to All African female undergraduates (or those who completed college in 2019

  2. Participants are expected to take-up Either the Finance Challenge OR The Tech-Based Challenge, not Both.

  3. For any challenge you select, (ie. Either Finance or Tech), you are expected to complete both Part One and Two before submission. Details of the “PART 2” are found in section 4 of this form as you proceed!


Due April 16th at 11:59pm EST

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What’s more? Join us on our interactive Whatsapp Flash Mentorship Sessions with top industry players across the globe right!

We need you to stay at home and #StoptheSpread but we don’t want to get rusty on your finance and tech skills!

So, revise & revamp your skills in a fun and Interactive way with Yaa W. by following these simple steps:
1. Follow Us on Social Media
2. Stay alert to catch all QuizWhiz that we post
3. Be the first to correctly answer the simple pop quizzes, tag our page and use the hashtags #EurekaMoments & #StayHomeWithYaa.W
4. Win airtime/data bundles at the end of the day






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