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The Largest Talent Marketplace of Black Collegiate Women in STEM

Black Sisters in STEM (Black SiS) is on a mission to build the largest talent pipeline of Black college women in STEM  while preparing them with culture competency, technical skillset and inclusive leadership skills to meet the demands of the emergent workforce. 

Our platform is built for Black women by Black Women

Who We Are

We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit building the largest online career community and talent pipeline of Black college women in STEM

What We Do

 We inspire, upskill and credentialize unconventional talent for employability into the finance and technology industry worldwide.

Our Partners

By working with us you will increase the representation of diversity of gender and thought in your office. While certifying that you have the best talent.

Our Friends

Imagine a world where Black women have the access, training, credentials and opportunity to be leaders in STEM fields and careers! 


Successful companies hire for potential & proficiency. We develop it. We use a 360 approach to professional development that inculcates young women with the necessary qualitative and quantitative skills necessary for the future of work.  

We train women who display the intellectual curiosity, steadfastness, learning agility and critical thinking skills you want at your firm. Backed by numerous data points from personality & aptitude tests, we ensure you get top-notch female talent with a willingness to go the extra mile.


We work with you to level the playing field and attract, recruit, assess and select top female candidates in Africa. 

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Hear from Some of Our Girls

Sandra Omari Agyeiwaa

“The worth and amount of inspiration I gained from Yaa W. cannot be quantified, but I will shed light on a few. This program has inspired and equipped me to be a women’s right activist, technologist, computer scientist, and a public speaker. The list is endless but in conclusion, it has fostered an urgency in me to make a great impact in my life and in the lives of other women through technology."

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